Afghani Prayer Tube Necklace


Make a wish, say a prayer, stash your secrets in this fantastic vintage Kuchi tribal “Tumar.” A classic amulet, also known as a "Taweez" or "Herz," from Uzbekistan, Central Asia, the tumar is a hollow cylinder tube that opens on one side. Then the wearer can insert wishes, prayers, and secrets to repel evil forces and bring good fortune. The antique silver metal tube is in good working order (over 100 years old!), easily opens and closes, and has a warm aged patina and aged look.
  • One of a kind tribal necklace composed of genuine 6mm round garnet gemstones, natural abalone shell or mother of pearl saucer beads, and African silver metal accent beads.
  • The two metal floral decorative pieces are vintage and were re-purposed from a Kuchi tribal “bellydance” belt.
  • The necklace attaches with a lobster clasp and has an extension chain with an authentic Kuchi tribe coin.
  • Each side of the necklace measures approximately 8 ½ inches, so the neckline circumference is about 24 inches. The pendant is approximately 3 inches long, and ¾ inches thick or round.
  • Garnet Gemstone Meanings: Garnet gemstones are thought to aid in the healing of broken hearts. Garnets reduce sadness and improve the your mood.
  • Kuchi Tribal Jewelry: The Kuchi people of Afghanistan and Pakistan are a nomadic tribe known for creating vibrant jewelry, beadwork and clothing. The Afghan Kuchi tribe prayer tube is not gold or sterling silver, though it has a similar look with some patina. Kuchi jewelry is generally made with a brass base known as “gillet” metal. The base is about 75% – 80% brass with either copper, silver, iron or all of these metals mixed in. Then a thick silver plating is buffed on the surface and can last for years.
  • We respect the integrity of vintage objects and do not clean or polish the antique metals that we use.