Amethyst Gemstone Mala Necklace


Purple Reign!  Amethyst has been highly esteemed throughout the ages, by the Greek gods to St. Valentine to Lady Gaga, for its stunning beauty and legendary powers to stimulate, and heal the mind and emotions.  Our regal Amethyst mala necklace is comprised of 108 deep purple beads that glow lavender in the light.  A grape vine colored sari silk tassel dangles from an auspicious silver Tibetan Lotus flower guru bead, adding more of a royal touch.  A unique purple jewelry piece fit for a Queen. And you know you deserve it.

  • Real gemstone mala necklace composed of 108 8mm round premium Amethyst beads with 3 handcrafted Ethiopian counter beads.
  • Approximately 44 inches in length including tassel, tassel 3 3/4 inches long, silver Lotus flower bead 34mm x 16mm.
  • Women's strand necklace is clasp-less, slips overhead, strung on sturdy silk or nylon thread with hidden security knots.
  • 108 Bead Mala Necklaces are known as "meditation garlands" in Sanskrit.  The hand knotted necklaces are used in yoga, prayer, meditation and healing.
  • Amethyst Meanings: Genuine Amethyst gemstone's ability to expand and evolve the higher mind enhances one’s creativity and passion. It strengthens the imagination and intuition, and refines the thinking process. It helps in the absorption of new ideas, putting thoughts into action, and brings projects to completion. 
  • Lotus Flower Properties: The Lotus flower is a symbol of purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth. Its characteristics are a perfect analogy for the human condition; even when its roots are in the dirtiest of waters, the Lotus produces the most beautiful flower.
  • Sari Silk Tassels: Our tassels are made from ribbon that has been up-cycled from clippings leftover in the sari or dress-making process. All ribbon is purchased from a cottage industry environment that provides much needed employment to impoverished women in rural India.  Fair wages and a safe work atmosphere are guaranteed in the cooperative.