Dark Blue Sky Jasper Gemstone Stretch Bracelet MEDIUM


Created personally for you, a true #waterwoman that rides the waves, sails the open sea, or simply dips your toes in the sand. Dark Blue Sky Sea Sediment Jasper and Dumotierite gemstones relate to birthday water signs, like the Zodiac's Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. And indeed the genuine gemstones colors reflect nature's beauty as each bead captures the brilliant blue hues of the ocean waves. Create a statement wrist stack by  combining our fossilized ammonite shell bracelet with its simple complementary beaded "gal pal." 

  • Handmade comfortable stretchy bracelet made with 8mm genuine Dark Blue Sky Sea Sediment Jasper gemstone beads, an Ammonite fossilized shell and unique African silver metal beads. 
  • Single strand gemstone bracelet slips easily over the hand and fits most women. It is 7 to 7 1/2 inches round, the average MEDIUM bracelet size for ladies.
  • Dark Blue Sky Sea Sediment Jasper Meanings: This multicolor blue colored jasper gemstone with is connection to water signs increases access to true emotional feelings and inspiration. It helps to clear the mind and increase inner peace and empathy.
  • Blue Dumotierite Healing Qualities: Dumotierite gemstones help to bring calm, relaxation and harmony.
  • Ammonite Fossilized Shell Properties: Ammonite shells with their spiral shape symbolize change and positive motion.  Many world cultures consider the shells to bring good luck and prosperity.