Kuchi Tribal Vintage Coin Necklace


Show me the money! Well, in this case, show off your new gorgeous coin choker. Five antique Kuchi tribe coins hang from our genuine garnet and African turquoise gemstone necklace. The jewelry piece is inspired by the Afghan Kuchi, a nomadic tribe in Central Asia. The tribe is known for its use of bold color, and adorning garments with coins, beads, bells and mirrors.

-Women's beaded boho choker necklace made of 6mm genuine garnet and African turquoise gemstone beads and antique (50 t0 75 years old) Afghani metal beads and coins. Approximately 16 inches, hangs at collarbone or below. Toggle clasp.

-Garnet Properties: Garnet gemstones are thought to aid in the healing of broken hearts. Garnets reduce sadness and improve the your mood.

-Emerald Green Variscite Properties: Variscite gemstone, found in Utah, has a lovely vibration that will bring joy, peace and harmony to your heart. It is an excellent stone to decrease stress or anxiety. It enhances life by generating feelings of inner peace, love and compassion, and helps you find solutions to problems.