Metzke Pewter Sand Dollar Pendant Amethyst Gemstone Necklace


Imagine reclining on the sands on a foreign beach, toes wiggling in cool water. . .it's the magic hour, that time when the sky is alight with fiery golds and oranges, and vibrant purples and pinks. Our Super 7 aka Phantom Amethyst gemstone beaded necklace captures this vibe. Composed of 7 different minerals, this powerful healing stone, is alive with beauty boho sunset colors. A vintage Metzke pewter sand dollar pendant hangs from this mid-length statement necklace. A unique jewelry piece to add to your summer or resort wardrobe or truly anytime of the year. #endlesssummer
  • Real gemstone medium length necklace composed of 8mm round and faceted Super 7 or Phantom Amethyst gemstone beads with tiny handcrafted Ethiopian silver metal beads. Two silver charms dangle from upcycled silver metal chain.
  • Approximately 28 inches in length, vintage Metzke pewter sand dollar pendant is 1 3/4  x 1 3/4 inches round. 
  • Clasp-less, slips overhead, strung on sturdy silk or nylon thread, hidden security knots, women's single strand necklace.
  • Super 7 Crystal aka Phantom Amethyst Gemstone Meanings: Natural Phantom Amethyst gemstones offer enhanced clarity, unity, a balanced mind and a peaceful, blissful energy. The stone is native to the Espirito Santo (Holy Spirit) region of Brazil and is known for it powerful healing powers. The gemstone is called "Super 7" as it contains seven sacred minerals which provides the mysterious colors and striations.
  • Sand Dollar Meaning: Sand dollars aka sea cookies and/or mermaid coins are said to bring good luck to those that find them.