Antique Tribal Statement Ring

$10.00 $16.00

Speak to the hand.  Yes, speak to the hand adorned with this unique statement ring. An antique import from Afghanistan, the ring was designed by the Kuchi tribe, a population known for colorful jewelry.  The round rings have a double shank so they slip over two of your fingers at the same time.  Mixed silver and gold metals are accented with either inlaid blue or green enamel.  Comfortable to wear, and always the conversation piece.

  • Size: Approximately 7 1/4 (American Standard Ring Sizing).
  • Kuchi Tribal Jewelry: The ring is not gold or sterling silver, though it has a similar look with some patina. Kuchi jewelry is generally made with a brass base known as “gillet” metal.  The base is about 75% – 80% brass with either copper, silver, iron or all of these metals mixed in.  Then a thick silver plating is buffed on the surface and can last for years.
  • The ring measures 2.11 inches at its widest point across and weighs 51.8 grams.
  • Since these items are vintage, they may have a charming aged patina and are not meant or expected to look brand new.  We respect their imperfections as part of their history as well as what makes them special.