Mala Beads 101

What are mala beads?

Traditionally, mala beads are tools for meditation. A string of beads, similar to a rosary, are used to count mantras in meditation.  Mantras are a word or a sound repeated in meditation. In addition, today malas may be worn for a specific purpose, perhaps a daily-life affirming goal.  Helpful Hint: I wear a mala to decrease my anxiety when driving.  I find comfort touching the gemstone beads which bring peace and calm.

Who can wear the jewelry?

Everyone.  A mala necklace can be worn for its beauty and design as well as to remind you of any spiritual intention, or a daily motivation.  Whether you are manifesting strength, love, grounding, you can simply wear your beads to inspire you. 

More about malas. . .

Violet Tiger's malas are handmade using 108 semi-precious gemstone beads.  Please be aware that traditional malas have knots between each bead; VT's malas do not as we prefer the fluidity of our unknotted versions. (We do string with "hidden" knots to provide more security.)  Malas are made with strong, reinforced silk or nylon string which will prevent breakage.  However, like any precious jewelry take care as you do not want a 108 bead pick-up!  In the unlikely event that your mala bead necklace breaks, please reach out for a repair.

What is the significance of having 108 beads in a mala?

108 is a spiritual number often believed to be the number of stages it takes for one to journey and reach self-enlightenment or realization. 

How do I choose my mala?

Ask yourself what is your intention?  What daily goals do you wish to achieve?  What energy or mood do you want to manifest?  What is a gemstone that you love?  What is a color that you are drawn to?  There is not one perfect question to make a choice.  Many gemstones have multiple qualities as described in brief in the mala necklace product listing.  What I find amazing is when I am making mala necklaces, somehow or another the gemstone I choose to use that day gives me what I “need.”  Be it calm, centeredness, energy, etc.  I am confident you will be lead to a choice.

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