Aqua Terra Jasper Gemstone Stretch Bracelet SMALL


Calling all Earth Maidens this Aqua Terra Jasper gemstone stretchy bead bracelet is for you. The aptly named genuine gemstone, water-earth, has colors found in nature, like turquoise blues, forest greens, and desert tans and sands.  A complementary fossilized shell "pendant" centers the boho jewelry piece, along with the handmade African metal beads. When worn you will feel safe and secure, as if you were embraced in a big hug.  Long Live Mother Earth.

  • Handmade beaded stretch bracelet made with 8mm genuine Aqua Terra Jasper stone beads, an Ammonite fossilized shell and unique African silver metal beads.  
  • Single strand bracelet slips easily over the wrist and fits petite women.  It is a size SMALL bracelet for females, 6 inches round.
  • Aqua Terra Jasper Gemstone Properties: Aqua Terra Jasper is a calming stone that brings inner peace and clarity of thought. It is also a great nurturing stone; it aids emotional healing and it can be used to ease worry, fear and depression.
  • Ammonite Fossilized Shell Properties: Ammonite shells with their spiral shape symbolize change and positive motion.  Many world cultures consider the shells to bring good luck and prosperity.