Baroque Pearl and Green Moonstone Gem Long Necklace


With its shimmering, silvery highlights, amongst green hues that range from mint to pistachio, our Pearl and Green Moonstone Necklace calls to mind the sea green waters off an idyllic isle. A single creamy white Baroque pearl is the focal piece, and makes a simple, yet elegant statement. Green Moonstone is sometimes called the "Stone of the Goddess," as it is associated with Mother Earth and the goddess Gaia in spirituality. So embrace your inner goddess you, when you wear this not so everyday pearl necklace.

  • Note: The beads are tightly knotted, so they stay secure and are built to last. To loosen any tight "hold," gently stretch the necklace into shape.
  • Approximately 30 inches in length, a women's opera length necklace.
  • Hand-knotted genuine gemstone necklace composed of 8mm round Green Moonstone beads with one solitary authentic Baroque, white freshwater pearl as an asymmetrical accent. The one of a kind pearl is 12-16 mm in size. Women's long strand necklace easily slips overhead, strung on sturdy silk or nylon thread, and has a .925 sterling silver decorative S-hook clasp.
  • Green Moonstone Meaning: Green Moonstone gems also known as Garnierite is an abundance stone, and is sometimes referred to as the "Accumulation Stone." As an "Acquisition Stone," it brings good luck and can attract good fortune, wealth and prosperity.
  • About Baroque Pearls: Baroque pearls are a type of non-spherical, irregularly shaped pearl. Unlike the classic image of a round pearl, baroque pearls exhibit a wide range of shapes, including ovals, teardrops, and asymmetrical forms. Baroque pearls embrace imperfection, making each one a unique work of art crafted by nature.