Eudialyte and Purple Tourmaline Gemstone Stretch Bracelet MEDIUM


Anxiety and worry disappeared.  Check. Our healing Eudialyte and purple Tourmaline bracelet brings "reiki" to your wrist. Wear to yoga or meditation class, dress it up or down, this genuine gemstone jewel is one of our most popular bracelets.  Looks amazing solo, or when layered with our Eudialyte & Ammonite bracelet.  Peace.

  • Handmade beaded stretch bracelet made with 8mm genuine Eudialyte and Purple Tourmaline gemstone beads and free trade African silver metal beads.  
  • Single strand bracelet slips easily over the hand and is the average women's MEDIUM bracelet size, 7 inches round. 
  • Eudialyte Gemstone Meaning: Eudialyte gemstone brings love, harmony and peace to your life.  And #mswarrior speaking, Eudialyte is a special stone to me as it's said to help stabilize the nervous system.  Please note this is not medical advice.