Greek Evil Eye Pendant Mala Necklace


Wear this gorgeous handmade necklace to your next beach party or BBQ and your friends will think you just returned from Greece.  The copper Greek Evil Eye pendant was made by hand using the traditional Mykonos method, and adorns our Emerald Green Variscite 108 bead gemstone mala necklace.  Emerald Green Variscite gemstones have a variety of gorgeous green colors, mixed with some tan and black veins. A perfect addition or souvenir, you choose, to your boho or spiritual jewelry collection.

  • Gemstone mala necklace composed of 108 6mm round Green Emerald Variscite gemstone beads with 3 handcrafted Ethiopian brass metal counter beads.
  • Approximately 25 inches in length.  Clasp-less, slips overhead.
  • Pendant 1 inch width, 1/2 inch height.
  • Emerald Green Variscite Properties: Variscite gemstone, found in Utah, has a lovely vibration that will bring joy, peace and harmony to your heart. It is an excellent stone to decrease stress or anxiety. It enhances life by generating feelings of inner peace, love and compassion, and helps you find solutions to problems.
  • Greek Evil Eye Pendant: The pendant is a genuine Mykonos Greek metal casting.  It is handmade, starting with a lead free metal and then coated with copper. A rich green patina finish is then applied for the verdigris effect.
  • Greek Evil Eye Properties: Traditionally the eye or mati amulet is a good luck charm and is said to ward off envious or evil looks.