Lepidolite Gemstone & Ammonite Stretch Bracelet


Theres's a saying "These boots are made for walkin' And that's just what they'll do." Well, these bracelets were just made for stacking. Gorgeous genuine Lepidolite  gemstone beads are strung on a stretchy, strong cord. A real fossilized shell complements the plum and lavender beads as well as the handmade African silver spacer beads. Create a unique bracelet stack by layering with our simple Lepidolite bracelet, or our Eudialyte gemstone bracelet.  

  • Create a custom bracelet stack: Buy one Lepidolite Gemstone & Ammonite Stretch Bracelet, get 15% off our Lepidolite Gemstone Bracelet¬†or our Eudialyte Gemstone Bracelet.
  • Handmade beaded stretch bracelet made with 8mm genuine Lepidolite gemstone beads, real Ammonite fossilized shell and dainty African silver metal beads.¬†¬†
  • Single strand roll on beaded bracelet slides¬†on over the wrist and is the average bracelet size for a woman, 6 inches round.
  • Lepidolite Properties:¬†Lepidolite¬†is sometimes referred to as the "grandmother stone" or the "peace stone" because it is thought to have nurturing and calming properties. Therefore, Lepidolite¬†is believed to be of great comfort to those who are feeling stressed or nervous.
  • Ammonite Fossilized Shell Properties:¬†Ammonite shells with their spiral shape¬†symbolize¬†change and positive motion.¬† Many world cultures consider the shells to bring good luck and prosperity.¬†
  • "These Boots are Made for Walkin," song by Nancy Sinatra.