Men's Bracelet with Black and Grey Gemstones


Let's create a men's stone bracelet stack.  First up our Ammonite Shell Fossil bracelet.  Second layer is our mixed stone bracelet.  This masculine stretch bracelet is made of genuine black Onyx, Indigo Gabbro and grey Yooperlite gemstones along with handmade silver African metal beads.  Super cool solo, layered or even with your wrist watch.  

  • Handmade stretch bracelet created with 8mm real Indigo Gabbro gemstones, 8mm natural Yooperlite gemstones and handcrafted Ethiopian silver metal beads. 
  • Single strand bead bracelet slips easily over the wrist and is 8 inches; the average bracelet size for guys. Bracelet is strung on high tech sturdy cord and quadruple-knotted.  
  • Black Onyx Meaning: Onyx gemstone is useful in fighting basic fears and helping to move beyond bad relationship, as well as to heal old emotional wounds.
  • Indigo Gabbro Properties: Also known as Mystical Merlinite is a gemstone of magical and spiritual evolution.  It inspires self-growth, awareness, intuition and confidence.
  • Yooperlite Meaning: Shine aka "The Stone of Truth" under a UV light and you will see yellow and orange sparks. Yooperlite gemstone is said to help you to  express your true feelings and emotions.