Men's Bracelet with Turquoise Blue Jasper Gemstones


Stylish accessories aren't only for women! Just google Johnny Depp or Jason Momoa to see how these cool dudes style their wrists.  Our stretchy men's bracelet are meant for stacking with your wristwatch, silver chains or one of our complementary boho beachy styles: Men's Fossil Bracelet.

  • Handmade beaded stretch bracelet made with 8mm genuine jasper gemstone beads and masculine African silver metal beads.  
  • Single strand bracelet slips easily over the wrist and is the average bracelet size for males, 8 inches round. 
  • Dark Blue Sky Sea Sediment Jasper Gemstone Meanings: Blue Sky Sea Sediment Jasper is an excellent gemstone for emotional healing.  It helps to clear the mind and increase inner peace and empathy.
  • Ammonite Shell Properties: Fossilized Ammonite Shells with their spiral shape are symbols of change and positive motion. Many cultures consider the shells to bring good luck and prosperity.