Men's Fossil Bracelet with Blue Sea Jasper Gemstones


Maybe my luck is starting to turn - Lady Bug aka Brad Pitt

Ammonite, a fossilized shell, is considered to be a stone of good luck, prosperity and abundance.  Wear this genuine stone bracelet and see your fortune turn.  These beaded stretch bracelets are meant for stacking.  Guys, wear with a silver wrist chain and some cool rings, or make a layering set with our simple Blue Sea Jasper gemstone bracelet.  

  • Create a Bracelet Stack: Buy one Men's Fossil Bracelet, and get 15% off its matching Blue Sea Jasper Gemstone Bracelet
  • Handmade beaded stretch bracelet made with 8mm genuine jasper gemstone beads and  masculine African silver metal beads.  The large Ammonite shell pendant is approximately the size of a wrist watch face.
  • Single strand bracelet slips easily over the wrist and is the average bracelet size for a man, 8 inches round. 
  • Carolina Sea Sediment Jasper Gemstone Meanings: Carolina Sea Sediment Jasper is an excellent gemstone for emotional healing.  It helps to clear the mind and increase inner peace and empathy.
  • Ammonite Shell Properties: Fossilized Ammonite Shells with their spiral shape are symbols of change and positive motion. Many cultures consider the shells to bring good luck and prosperity.  
  • Quote from the movie Bullet Train starring Brad Pitt as the character Ladybug.