Tribal Jewelry FAQ

VT creates jewelry with semi-precious gemstones, unusual metals, free trade beads and materials ethically sourced from around the world.  With sustainability and eco-consciousness in mind, we now offer carefully-curated antique Afghan and Kuchi tribal jewelry and components.  

Who are the Kuchi people?

The Kuchi people of Afghanistan and Pakistan are a nomadic tribe known for creating vibrant jewelry, beadwork and clothing.
Is Kuchi Jewelry sterling silver or 14 karat gold?
Kuchi jewelry is generally made with a brass base known as “gillet” metal. The base is about 75% – 80% brass with either copper, silver, iron or all of these metals mixed in. Then a thick silver plating is buffed on the surface and can last for years.
How old are the vintage pieces used in your Tribal Fusion jewelry collection? 
Most of the pendant, coins and other components are 50 to 100 years old.  You may notice that a piece shows some age and gentle wear and tear, like a missing inlayed stone, or a ding in the metal, or greenish patina.  However, this does not effect the beauty, nor durability. VT respects the history of its vintage pieces and does not alter or make repairs with modern materials.

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